Bob Wells – Mountainlands Community Housing Trust Award

Scholarships for students living in affordable housing in the Park City School District.

Mountainlands Community Housing Trust began with the vision of growing a vibrant community where housing prices alone would not determine who lived here. Founder Bob Wells was one early leader who understood that teachers, police, restaurant and retail staff, government employees, and hospitality workers need the opportunity to live and work in the same county.


Mountainlands chose to honor the passing of Bob Wells in 2015 with an annual scholarship that would celebrate the spirit of his vision of Park City as an inclusionary community, and expand its future through the next generation.

Because of affordable housing, the Park City School District has a richer student body of different socio-economic backgrounds, nationalities, races, and perspectives.

The Bob Wells Award builds on the vision of an inclusionary community by supporting the dreams of students pursuing higher education, and removing part of the financial roadblock that might prevent them from starting college or trade school. Applicants are judged on their community involvement, academics and teacher recommendations, as well as living in an affordable home.

Since 2015, Mountainlands has distributed scholarships each year to graduating Park City seniors. The scholarships have an enormous impact on the lives and educations of the receiving students. Bob’s wife Patti Wells and their children, Amy, Rob and Kelly, present the award each year. 

The 2017 Park City High School Community Scholarship Ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, June 6, at 8 AM in the Eccles Center, 1750 Kearns Boulevard. All are welcome to attend.

2017 Award Recipients

Isreal Gonzalez Razo

Evelin Itzel Arrieta Carreto

Joana Saucedo

2016 Award Recipients

Pedro Pineda

Ana Ramirez

Reyna Tellez Rea

2015 Award Recipients

Lesly Sarai Muñoz

Ana Karen Reyes

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