Affordable Housing Eligibility in Park City

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is, "am I eligible?"

Basic eligibility for our housing help programs is dictated by different requirements, depending on the program. These requirements can be seen on the various pages throughout the site (i.e. "Eligibility: 60% AMI").

If you are eligible to apply for one of our programs, we encourage you to do so. But please know that we will typically strive to help the most vulnerable residents first.

That said, Mountainlands' goal is to help ensure safe, accessible, and affordable housing to all residents of Summit and Wasatch counties. If you don't qualify to apply for any of our programs, we encourage you to check out our market rate rentals and follow us on Facebook to get educational resources that could help you.


Our affordable rental program is largely dictated by how a household's income compares to the Area Median Income (AMI). There are several different programs established to provide decent and safe rental housing for low-income families. Mountainlands will assess your income and other factors to determine eligibility. Different properties might have different restrictions, and are typically deemed for residents based on household income. Please see charts below for those definitions.

As you browse our listings, you will see the AMI limitations on each. If you do not qualify for a low-income property or if there is a wait list, try one of our market rate listings, where we allow owners to list property rentals free of charge.


Similar to our rentals programs, eligibility for affordable home ownership varies by program. These program terms, such as Area Median Income (AMI), might be dictated by subsidies or deed restrictions. Beyond income requirements, there are other factors we consider when accepting a final applicant. As with all of our programs, we encourage you to apply, and we will follow protocol to match a candidate with the best opportunity, if possible.

New homes are available periodically but our primary program is Affordable Resales, which offers deed-restricted properties well below market rate income. We also have unique programs like Mutual Self Help, where you are required to work, putting "sweat equity" into your home. Our Lease to Own is another distinctive housing help program in which we have participated.

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