Temporary Housing

Mountainlands Community Housing Trust’s (MCHT’s) Transitional Housing Program (THP) is a resource for Summit and Wasatch Counties to prevent homelessness and stabilize households.  We assist people who are in critical need of housing and conscientiously work with them to find affordable housing when they are ready for an appropriate opportunity for a permanent housing situation.

THP provides its participants housing as well as supportive services and case management.  Case management involves monthly or weekly meetings in which steps are taken to achieve established goals, with additional services provided as needed.  Goals in case management vary depending on the individual needs and situation of the participant.  They are particularly focused on, but not limited to:

1. Increasing skills and/or income.  For example:

  • Apply and qualify for entitlement benefits through the state or employer

  • Improve current employment status (if applicable)

  • Improve current educational status (if applicable)

  • Improve current economic situation regarding savings, debts, and assets

2. Achieve greater self-determination.  For example:

  • Regularly attend appropriate supportive group meetings

  • Develop and pursue a healthy exercise/recreational schedule

  • Become involved with a meditative or other stress reducing activity

3. Obtain and remain in permanent housing. For example:

  • Put name on waitlists and apply for rental assistance immediately

  • Be well informed of programs available through MCHT

Participants pay 30% of their gross monthly income monthly.  20% of the payment is applied toward rent and utilities for the residence in which they are living.  The remaining 10% is held in a deposit account on the behalf of the participant for future use toward a security deposit and/or first month’s rent upon locating permanent housing. 

Optimally, not to exceed a timeframe of one year, the duration of the program is case-specific and the completion date will be set by the case manager depending on the needs and situation of the participant.  The THP is NOT permanent housing.  Participants are expected to work diligently on their goals and make reasonable progress leading them to successfully complete the program within the time frame established.  Participant’s involvement in the program is assessed on a regular basis.  Participants successfully complete and leave the program when the goals set by both the participant and case manager are achieved and permanent housing is secured. 

How to Participate

If you would like to make a referral or are interested in learning more about our Transitional Housing Program, please contact us at 435 647.9719 x14

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